Sunday Sermons
October 1, 2023

Morning Worship Service
“God is Definitely for Us!”
Romans 8:28-34
Rev. Darwin Jordan

Evening Worship Service
“Crying Out in the Bitterness of Life;
Signs of Hope in the Bitterness of Life”
Ruth 1:19-22
Rev. Darwin Jordan

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Sunday, October 22, 4-6 p.m.
In the area behind the church office

Our fall church picnic is an opportunity to fellowship, sing, and enjoy a meal together!  The deacons will provide meat and members are asked to bring a side dish or dessert.

Join us on Sunday nights at 6:00 p.m. as we are considering the treasures in the Bible short story entitled “Ruth,” tucked in between Judges and 1 Samuel. It is a story of stark tragedy, courageous allegiance, life-changing romance and a surprise ending that will affect all of world history and the new creation. Not bad for a short story! We are seeing how God worked in the everyday lives of these people and we’ll learn how God is always working in our everyday lives as well. After all, each one of us forms a new story of God’s working in history!

We are beginning the first two phases of the mission.


1.    Pray – for children

2.    Prepare – buy items for shoe boxes

3.    Pack – November

There is a display set up in the mission corner of Taylor Hall. Some suggestions for items to begin purchasing are:

1.    Bar soaps

2.    Tooth brushes (soft)

3.    Wash cloths

4.    Socks – girls and boys (ages: 2-14)

5.    Small cars, dolls, and stuffed animals

Other items are listed on the display board at the mission corner.

Thank you for all your support!

Lacretta Shurden & Debera Shaw, OCC Co-Chairs

You can listen to past podcasts of the class below.  

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